• journal articles

    (2018) Modeling Context-Dependent Latent Effect Heterogeneity. Political Analysis (R&R)
    (2016) Preferences regarding the vertical distribution of authority in brazil: on measurement and determinants. Publius: The Journal of Federalism, 46(1), 77–102. (with Marta Arretche, Rogério Schlegel) (pdf replication, site, cite)

  • work in progress

    (2018) Why Citizens Prefer the Center Delivering Benefits (pdf)
    (2018) Developments in Positive Empirical Models of Election Frauds (pdf)
    (2017) Political Economy of party solidarity and interregional redistribution (available under request)

  • books/chapters

    (2011) O congresso nacional e a apreciacao de tratados internacionais no contexto do presidencialismo de coalizao. In O papel do Congresso Nacional no presidencialismo de coalizao. Rio de Janeiro: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (pdf, in pt)

  • conference papers/posters

    (2017) A semi-parametric approch to estimate latent heterogeneity with generalized linear mixed models. Madison, WI. Political Methodology, Polmeth
    (2017) The mediation effect of preferences for redistribution on preferences for centralization of political authority by policy area. Milan, IT. European Political Science Association, EPSA
    (2017) Distribution of income, redistributive preferences, and preferences for political institutions. Chicago, IL. Paper presented at the Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting, MPSA (w/ Ferrari, D., Arretche, M., and Schlegel, R.)
    (2016) A logistic-binomial mixture model for fraud detection in elections. Houston, Texas. Paper presented at The Society for Political Methodology Meeting, Polmeth (available under request)
    (2016) Developments in Positive Empirical Models of Election Frauds. Paper. POLMETH (with Walter R. Mebane, Jr.) (pdf, site)
    (2016) Positive Empirical Models of Election Frauds. APSA. (with Walter R. Mebane, Jr) (pdf, site)
    (2016) The Indirect Effect of Income on Preferences for Centralization of Authority In Event: Devolution, Fragmented Power, and Electoral Accountability. APSA. (with Marta Arretche, Rogério Schlegel) (pdf, site)
    (2016) Political Economy of Intraparty negotiation and interregional redistribution. MPSA (pdf, site)
    (2015) Effect of Intraparty Negotiation on Interregional Redistribution. Accountability & Development Conference. (pdf, poster, site)
    (2014) The Territorial Division of Power: A Survey on Brazil. IPSA. (with Marta Arretche, Rogério Schlegel) (pdf, site)
    (2013) Political Determinants of Fiscal Centralization: Empirical Evidences from the Brazilian Case. MPSA (pdf, site)

  • MA thesis

    (2013) Descentralizacao Fiscal e Reparticao da Receita Publica: o FPE na Constituinte de 1988. MA thesis, Universidade de Sao Paulo. (pdf)

  • other publications

    (2013) Perspectives on political methodology: Interview with simon jackman. Leviata, (7):158–175. (with R. Magalhaes, M. Galdino, and D. C. Moreira.) (available under request)
    (2013) Governing decentralized health policy in brazil, 2013. (e- letter response to Rich and Gomez). Publius (Online), v. 42. (with E. M. Fonseca) (site)
    (2013) Ciencias sociais, censo e informacao quantitativa no brasil: entrevista com elza berqu ́o e nelson do valle silva. Novos Estudos-CEBRAP, (95):143–155. (with R. J. Barbosa, M. A. M. De Brito, P. Silva, I. A. Prates, and L. S. Barone) (available under request)